TheMonkeyTrap – Welcome

Friends, family and other in the capuchin clan,

Following the demise of theoildrum this will be my new home for public content.  If you sign up and enter your email address, you will automatically receive updates when I something new goes up.  For now my best (according to me) posts from the 8 years at the oildrum are on the sidebar.

We are fortunate (or cursed) to live in the liminal space surrounding the likely peak in energy output of a species on this planet. Some things about the future are determined, most are not.  I believe (and am willing to concede it might be self-deception) that education, dialogue, and how we create emergent phenomenon by interacting with other people will end up changing the future, for better or worse.  I hope for the better.  The stakes are pretty high. But so are the opportunities.

Look for 1-2 posts per month here – mostly campfire style – happy to guest post you other aspiring Sapiens out there. I look forward to some interesting and perhaps fruitful discussions.



14 Responses to TheMonkeyTrap – Welcome

  1. Glad you started this site.
    Looking forward to part 2. Want my kids to read it when you’re done. ETA?
    Maybe a post and discussion about Varki’s Denial someday?

  2. I’m glad your thoughts and data will be available.

  3. You need to post some monkey pictures. Throw a few gourd photos around, plus some ripe bananas here and there. Monkeys like looking at other monkeys.

    Just a suggestion, Nate.



  4. Your best posts at TOD aren’t showing up in the sidebar (for me at least).

    Hope to see you posting regularly…


    • Gav
      I never brought the posts over here as ‘posts’ just as links to the original at TOD. They should be under ‘Articles and Blog Posts’ tab at top.
      I have been crazy busy (wood, potatoes, etc) that I haven’t had time to spruce this up. Winter’s coming however…Cheers

  5. Who knows, maybe we could somehow overcome our energy problems and salvage much of our present civilisation (whether that is a good objective or not), but I’m currently reading James Hansen’s book and I think energy is the least of our problems. If we don’t somehow do something to alter our current climate change trajectory, energy problems will not matter a jot. And time is so short that it may already be too late, judging from paleoclimate. With human nature what it is, I just can’t see any effective mitigating actions being taken.

    In any case, I look forward to popping in from time to time to see what thoughts you have.

  6. Louis Parsons

    I found part I of “20 Things” to be nearly brilliant … So, where is part II?

    • Louis. Part II is in my head, and partially on paper. Sorry for delay. Fall harvest, and other things pulling on my steep discount rates. Plus i need some help w this website. I get 100+ spam comments from China every day..Working on it. Thanks for the compliment

  7. Maybe we could inquire of the Chinese spammers whether they would consider adopting debt-laden Americans.

  8. Nate – you should be able to use .htaccess to ban chinese ip addresses using geoip data just for the wp-login.php . Maybe better still if you have your own server you can install the CSF firewall and you can ban Chinese ips at global level.. only downside is that Chinese readers won’t be able to read your blog.

    Will there be any posts on Net Energy, as I think the argument on production has moved on this the Oil Drum days. Keep up the good work.

  9. Thanks for the informative and thought provoking work at The Oil Drum. I would like to continue to stay current on trending impacts of energy supply and demand on societies. Best wishes to you on your new projects.

    (former TOD lurker)

  10. Hi Nate,
    Hope all is going well with your harvest.
    I notice my fingers have been visiting the keyboard more often and I’m changing the water for our chickens twice a day so you must be right that winter is coming.