Nate Hagens at Kansas Wesleyan University April 23, 2018

Most economists and politicians expect – and rely on – the size of the global economy doubling in the next ~25 years or so. Is this possible? Is it desirable? What will be the impacts if it happens? And if it doesn’t?
This lecture outlines 40 ‘contrasts and continuums’ relevant to these questions. The 3 main points are:

  1. Energy underpins human economies. (We are living midway through the Carbon Pulse.)
  2. We are headed for a world with less total consumption.
  3. After basic needs are met, the best things in life are free.

We are unlikely to change significantly ahead of coming events, but we can begin a wider, more reality-based cultural conversation.

Thanks to Wes Jackson and the Land Institute and Matt Thompson and Kansas Wesleyan for inviting me. Also thanks to Paul Green at KWU for filming and Soren Holm for video editing.

One Response to Nate Hagens at Kansas Wesleyan University April 23, 2018

  1. I realized after listening to your Earth Day talk and giving workshops myself now that being a lecturer on GW&CC is much like being a host at a Japanese fugu fish party– too little reality and there is no flavor, too much and you risk killing your guests.