A Guide to Being Human in 21st Century – Earth Day 2016

I currently teach a class called Reality 101 at the University of Minnesota.  It is a 15 week exploration of ‘the human ecosystem’ – what drives us, what powers us and what we are doing. Only when viewed from such an ecological lens can ‘better’ choices be made by individuals, who in turn impact societies.  Our situation cannot be described in an hour -but this was my latest and best attempt. The talk is 60% new from prior talks – I start with brief summaries of energy, economy, behavior and environment, followed by a listing of 25 of the current ‘flawed assumptions’ underpinning modern human culture.  I close with a list of 20 new ways of thinking about ones future-for consideration – and possibly to work towards – for a young person alive this century.  It is my opinion we need more pro-social, pro-future players on the gameboard, whatever their beliefs and priorities might be.  2 books should be finished this year and I will post a note here about progress/etc

2 Responses to A Guide to Being Human in 21st Century – Earth Day 2016

  1. An excellent presentation, rushed as always, but still excellent. The fact that you advocate for driving a larger change rather than just stock-piling supplies for Armageddon, strikes a cord with me. I’m very much looking forward to the books and would like to explore ways of supporting the cause.

    • Nate Hagens

      Hi Mark, thanks
      Re “rushed” I’ve decided to be coherent and logical the story cannot be told in an hour to a young person. Probably 3-4 hours. We intend to have such a sequence broken into video pieces to accompany the books. Yes, I’m advocating people take a stand and engage with the future, towards whatever aspect speaks most to them. It’s too late to generally avert what’s coming but also far too early to give in to nihilism. Thanks for your feedback.