The Oil Drum

The 20 Important Concepts I Wasn’t Taught in Business School Part I
20 key aspects of energy, money, behavior and economics currently driving society that real  world experience and exposure to biology and ecology suggest are ‘flawed’.
The Psychological and Evolutionary Roots of Resource Consumption
A (longish) exploration of how our evolved neural wetware predisposes us to compete for status and also allows us to be hijacked by novelty items/activities, many of which use alot of energy.
A Net Energy Parable: Why is ERoEI Important?
A story about how energy return on investment impacts an imaginary society of Sasquatches – highlighting the importance of biohpysical metrics for a civilization.
Peak Oil: A View from Planet Talos
An alien perspective on the resource depletion/human nature intersection.
Living for the Moment While Devaluing the Future
An examination of why we have evolved mechanisms to steeply favor the present over the future and why this is relevant to questions of resource depletion and environmental problems.
Peak Oil – Whom to Believe CERAiously-Part 1
Highlights of the main differences between the energy cornucopians and those predicting a near term peak in oil production.
Peak Oil – Why Smart Folks Disagree Part 2
More detail on the above post on supply side differences between energy optimists and realists.
Peak Oil – Believe it or Not – Part 3
An overview of human cognitive biases that contribute to disagreement on resource depletion/climate change.
Can We Be Happy Using Less Energy? Uhh Yes!
An look at decreasing returns to more consumtion.
Old Sunlight vs Ancient Sunlight – An Analysis of Home Heating and Wood
Measuring the scale of US standing forest relative to US fossil fuel use for heat.
“…….Dammit – We Wasted a Day of Sunlight”
Peak Oil, IHS Data and The Broken Clock
Peak Oil and Reflexivity and Peak Oil
Soros theory of reflexivity, in light of oil depletion.
Hedge Funds, Hurricanes and Energy Markets
An overview of volatility and the small size of energy markets relative to financial capital.
The 2008 IEA WEO Review (#1 in a Series)
The first in a series examining the claims of the IEA annual energy report.
Advice to Obama (#2) Yes We Can But Will We?
A letter to the new President, outlining biophysical (supply) and evolutionary (demand) type thinking.
Applying Time to Energy Analysis

The Oil Drum—Campfire

What Do We Tell Our Children
A letter I wrote to an 8 year old boy who asked about oil running out.
I Don’t Know
A short piece looking at why we are so confident, even when we know very little.
I Dream of GINI – Wealth Inequality During Resource Depletion
Peak Oil, Peak Credit and Investments – So What the Hell Does One Do?
An initial pass at rewriting the Capital Asset Pricing Model assumptions
Clown Fest
Whither The Oil Drum?
An introspection on the purpose of sites like this, when the meme of peak oil has been generally accepted.
Enter the Elephant
A look at why facts matter very little in changing peoples behavior.
2010: The Year for Making Contact
New Years resolutions for myself, in light of current conditions.
Dear Candidate-What Will You Do if Growth is Over?