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I am thankful for….fossil energy..(I think).

I was born in the latter ½ of the 20th century. When I was old enough to view my surroundings with any sort of awareness it looked like a smorgasbord of opportunity, novelty and consumption. And it was. Different than the Founding Fathers who used mostly current sunlight, hard work, and land to generate surplus, our largesse has been largely due to a gargantuan dollop of concentrated fossilized energy. My life certainly would have been harder without it. Would it have been better? An open question.  And what have we built that will last? An even bigger question.

Sitting around the dinner table today, replete with the latest novel versions of classic recipes, all easily purchasable for a fraction of a weekly wage, the thought that I/we live like kings of old entered my mind more than once.  I’m thankful for the experience. But good kings show temperance and fiduciary. Most of us, including me, have been lacking on that side of the ledger.  In that sense maybe we shouldn’t be thankful at all.  I wonder if we will have a ‘Pennance Day’ some year in the (distant) future when we realize what we had and what we destroyed?
I’m also thankful for the band of brothers and sisters I have engaged with on the internet for the past decade, together chipping away at the unfinished sculpture that is the supply and demand science of the human ecosystem.
The discussion needs to be stepped up a notch. More soon
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.